WEBSHOP T Ed Langley Ltd

In this privacy policy you can read how T. Ed Langley is processing your data. We outline how we process your data and how you can influence this yourself. This policy applies to all our customers whom we have contact with.

T. Ed Langley B.V. offers various services, where data is required from you in order to be at your service.

You should think of:
- Registration of contacts
- Invoicing and debtor management
- Offers
- Mailings and commercial offers

We contain certain information about you.
For T. Ed Langley it is important that our service is personal and reliable.
We are happy to inform you personally and at the moment that it is relevant to you.

Our promises:
- We handle your data carefully. You can assume that your data is safe with us
- We do not monitor calls or e-mail traffic
- We do not sell your data to third parties
- You determine at all times what happens to your data. We respect the choices you have made regarding your privacy


Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have a question about our company, service or products. If you want access to our webshop, please fill in the form below.